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How important is wisdom in our lives? It is the counter balance to our feelings and impulses.

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Audio Transcript

Dave: Is it hard to be wise? It would seem like it because there are so many idiots out there!

Jeff: Actually, obtaining wisdom isn’t as difficult as some people make it seem.

Dave: In proverbs 8, wisdom says she is crying out LOUDLY for anyone to hear her!

Jeff: She’s trying to get your attention… to ignore wisdom is actually kind of difficult.

Dave: Most of the time people know what the right decision is… that’s because wisdom is shouting

Jeff: Most of the time the problem isn’t ‘what should I do?’, but ‘am I going to do what is right? Or am I going to do what I feel like doing?’

Dave: That’s it right there!

Jeff: Feelings…

Dave: They mess us up. We FEEL we want revenge instead of giving forgiveness!

Jeff: We want to see things, feel things or do things that we know aren’t right.

Dave: And so we follow our feelings instead of wisdom.

Jeff: Tell YOUR feelings to be a servant to your wisdom and tell your desires to be subject to what is right!

Dave: Then listen to what wisdom is saying, quite loudly, and follow through on that!

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