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When moving toward a belief in Jesus, one must first believe that there is reasonable proof for the existence of a god. But, what then?

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Audio Transcript

Dave: Arguments for God’s existence don’t always lead people to believe in just one God!

Jeff: True. For instance, the Cosmological or Teleological Arguments could be used by people who believe that there are A LOT of gods!

Dave: So, what do we do with that? We don’t believe in multiple gods, do we?

Jeff: Uh, no. It’s pretty simple really – we can start with Cosmological argument, or something like that…

Dave: And if you agree it’s a good argument, then you agree that there is a God, or some gods, of some kind.

Jeff: The only question now is:

Dave: What kind of God exists?

Jeff: Then we can look at prophecy in the Bible, Jesus’ resurrection, and other evidences to show who that God is.

Dave: Why don’t we just start there with those?

Jeff: We could. But, it should be significant to know that there are many different ways to show that God exists – not just one.

Dave: If you got hit by one raindrop, it could be a coincidence. Two or three? Uh oh… starting to rain.

Jeff: Likewise, we like to use multiple arguments for God and Jesus to demonstrate the probability that our God is real.

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