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The absence of absolute morality blurs the lines between right and wrong.

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Audio Transcript

Dave: Without absolute morality, the definitions of right and wrong are easily confused.

Jeff: Once, I was speaking with a social worker about foster care.

Dave: … and she told you that spankings should be outlawed.

Jeff: …I disagreed and said something about my kids.

Dave: That’s when she jumped, right?

Jeff: Yeah, she said, “Your kids? You don’t own them! They aren’t your property.”

Dave: Of course you don’t think that. But what was her point?

Jeff: Well, eventually I asked her, “Who do the kids belong to, if not me?”

Dave: She said, “The community.” Society had the right to determine what was good or bad for those kids.

Jeff: I wondered what would happen if I disagreed with my community – and her take was…

Dave: That you lose your kids. The current belief of the community (or government) trumps parental rights.

Jeff: I then asked, “What if there was a community in another country where it was legal to beat your kids or wife?”

Dave: Her response – “That’s not my community, I can’t say.”

Jeff: Without absolute morality, community ethics will get ridiculous.

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