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Some Foster Care myths debunked!


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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Christians believe that foster care is a good thing, but there are some scary
myths out there.

Jeff: One of the myths is that you let a child live with you, fall in love with them,
and then suddenly you never see them again.

Dave: That doesn’t happen?

Jeff: Certainly it can happen. But it doesn’t have to. One of the goals should be to
befriend the child’s parents as well. Then, when the child returns home you can
maintain a healthy relationship!

Dave: Many people are worried that they won’t be able to handle some of the
children’s disabilities, or needs.

Jeff: That’s true, maybe you can’t. That’s why each foster family chooses who
stays at their home. You can even specify that certain behaviors, or ages, aren’t
possible for your home.

Dave: What about someone with a felony on their record?

Jeff: Well, usually you couldn’t be a foster parent in that circumstance.

Dave: Well, what could they do?

Jeff: There are lots of ways to help foster kids, or orphans, even besides becoming a foster
parent. Check the link on our site (see below) for more information. Also go to for the Kansas Foster and Adoptive Parenting Association.

More Information:

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