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Truth or Tradition: Which carries more weight?


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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Jeff, you were born in America.

Jeff: Yep!

Dave: And you’re a Christian!

Jeff: Yep!

Dave: But, if you were born in India, you might be a Hindu!

Jeff: Yep!

Dave: Yep? Is that all? Doesn’t that mean something is wrong with our religion?

Jeff: Whether or not a religion is true doesn’t have anything to do with where
people were born.

Dave: Right! The question we should ask is whether or not Jesus actually rose
from the dead, not “what did my Grandpa believe?”

Jeff: If some people are concerned that Christianity is an American religion, they
might be glad to know the facts…

Dave: Percentage-wise, there are more Christians in Rwanda and Serbia!

Jeff: and South Africa, Ethiopia, and Tonga!

Dave: Bahamas, Sweden, Zambia!

Jeff: Norway, Romania and Uzbeki…

Dave: I think they get the point. Christianity is not an American, or even Caucasian

Jeff: Knowing that other countries have religions besides Christianity doesn’t
invalidate anything; it should encourage us to spread the name of Jesus.

Dave: If this is a concern of yours, perhaps God is asking you to consider missions?

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