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What to do about complaining… it’s in the Bible


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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Is it okay for Christians to debate? Is it okay for us to complain?

Jeff: Let’s read a verse and figure it out!

Dave: Philippians 2:14 says, “Do everything without complaining or arguing.”

Jeff: Seems pretty clear cut, but let’s dig a little deeper.

Dave: The word (complaining) is from Greek.

Jeff: This word is an onomatopoeia; means it sounds like what it’s describing.
Like “buzzzz” – So, in Greek this sounds like muttering, complaining, grumbling…

Dave: In other words, complaining is when we mutter and grumble from

Jeff: We shouldn’t be muttering and grumbling under our breath – “complaining”
isn’t Christian.

Dave: Right – so we can either confront things head-on like mature adults, or we
just deal with it.

Jeff: The verse also says, “don’t argue” but it’s from the Greek word meaning evil
thoughts, or contention.

Dave: Arguing with angry conflict isn’t the right kind of debating for Christians to
engage in.

Jeff: We always use gentleness and respect; it’s okay to debate like that!

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