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How can timing turn a natural occurrence into a miracle?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Some people say, “I can explain miracles in totally natural terms!”

Jeff: How so?

Dave: The parting of the Red Sea was just a river blockage…

Jeff: Okay.

Dave: When Jesus healed the paralytic, a frozen vertebrae became unstuck.

Jeff: Alright…

Dave: The plagues of Egypt were common phenomena in those times!

Jeff: Great.

Dave: Does this prove miracles are nothing but natural?

Jeff: First, these are hypothetical explanations at best.

Dave: Plus, there’s a big reason these could still be classified as miracles or God’s
providence. A little word called…

Jeff: “Timing.” Think about the lottery. There’s nothing special about a list of six
numbers… unless you have those exact numbers printed on a ticket the day of the

Dave: Likewise, there’s nothing special about a sea being dammed up – unless it
happened the exact moment Moses struck the water!

Jeff: It’s nice that a vertebrae became unstuck – but the fact that it happened
exactly when Jesus told it to makes it miraculous.

Dave: Therefore, a natural explanation doesn’t always rule out a Supernatural

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