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Do miracles necessarily break natural laws? If not, then why do we call them miracles?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Some have said that miracles cannot exist because they break natural laws,
and that is impossible.

Jeff: What would you say if I claimed that miracles don’t “break” any natural law?

Dave: I’d say, “How’s that? Isn’t it a miracle?!”

Jeff: Well – what can natural stuff – like matter – do?

Dave: Well, it can be in motion, if gravity pulled on it. It could also rest, or stop
being in motion. That’s about it.

Jeff: Yep. Pretty much everything natural is just a cause or effect of that

Dave: Right!

Jeff: When a human reaches into the world, and picks up an apple – have we
broken the law of gravity?

Dave: Not at all – we’ve just messed with it!

Jeff: In the same way, God changes things. Someone may be sick, but God
changes it – natural laws just describe how things work if nobody messes with it.

Dave: If we humans mess with something, we’re used to how it works. But when
God does something we aren’t used to seeing…

Jeff: That’s what we call a miracle!

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