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Did God really say that?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: It’s been asked, “how could the GOD of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE force
everyone to believe in one little guy named Jesus?”

Jeff: Right, and everyone has to believe in that one guy from 2,000 years ago,
among billions of people – how could God do that? It’s ridiculous, they say.

Dave: Well, what’s more ridiculous – to believe that God chose do things his own

Jeff: Or to believe that God has to do things in a way that you expect?

Dave: This objection to the faith isn’t a logical objection, it’s an emotional one.

Jeff: It means, “I don’t like that God may have said, ‘you have to believe in Jesus.'”

Dave: The important question still remains: “DID GOD SAY THAT?” or not? Do we
have to believe in Jesus?

Jeff: And when we examine the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus, and the
prophesies told far in advance (and in detail) we’re led to the conclusion that…

Dave: …yeah, this is the way God chose to do it.

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