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God can not be dictated. Any argument for, or against, God must be based on who God is rather than who we THINK He SHOULD be.

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Many people say, “You can’t PROVE God exists!”

Jeff: Their point is basically that you cannot snap your fingers, and suddenly God
appears, taps you on the shoulder and says, “Ahem! Excuse me.”

Dave: It seems like it’s a problem for them that God is invisible.

Jeff: Oh, it would be nice to say, “I think that if God existed he would show up
sitting on my shoulder every day.”But that isn’t how our world is – so if there is a
God, that’s not how He works.

Dave: Okay, so you’re basically saying that we have to look for God the way things
are right now.

Jeff: Right. We can’t say, “There’s a certain way I think God should work, and
therefore, God would be just like that.” We have to ask, “If God is real, in this
world, how would I know it the way things are now?”

Dave: The question is really what evidence do we have?

Jeff: Right! Is there any evidence that an invisible, all-powerful God created this
universe? And that’s what our show, Truth Revolution, is all about.

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