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Our Universe produces LIFE because of a Purposeful Direction of some higher intelligence we call GOD!

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Thomas Aquinas was …. well, a genius.

Jeff: William Lane Craig paraphrased Aquinas saying this… see if you can decipher
it: nothing that lacks consciousness tends toward a goal unless it is under the
direction of someone with consciousness and intelligence. For example, the
arrow does not tend toward the bull’s eye unless it is aimed by the archer.
Therefore, everything in nature must be directed towards its goal by someone
with intelligence, and this we call ‘God’.”

Dave: Yeah, no problem.

Jeff: Okay, give it to me.

Dave: Does a rock achieve a purpose? No. Not unless someone picks it up and
throws it at a target.

Jeff: Right, and NOTHING without consciousness goes after a purposeful goal
without direction!

Dave: If that’s the case how did our Universe just happen to produce life? How do
flowers just happen to grow the right way?

Jeff: Exactly. The universe, our world, even the circumstances our lives fall into all
contain purposeful direction… but those things don’t have consciousness…

Dave: It must be from God.

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