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Continuing from Monday… What happens to morality when God is removed from the equation?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Nazis did not have good morality – they did evil.

Jeff: Last time we pointed out that morals come from God – There are standards
all humans must conform to – and those standards have to come from

Dave: To help us think about this, picture it the other way around. What if there
was no God –

Jeff: and therefore, no objective moral standard. Our sense of right and wrong
would only come from ourselves.

Dave: If humans alone produce the standard for right and wrong – then who is to
say that one human’s standard is worse than another’s?

Jeff: If we reject God’s existence then we have to say: the Nazi’s weren’t wrong.
What they did was acceptable.

Dave: In fact, someone could legitimately say, “I think the Nazi’s didn’t go far
enough. We have to kill more people, without reason.”

Jeff: No objective morals, really does mean NO MORALS.

Dave: It’s ludicrous because we know those things are wrong.

Jeff: We know an absolute moral standard exists, and it comes from someone
other than humanity. It has to come from God.

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