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So, the Bible condones slavery? What gives? and why is this a non-issue?


We did a longer show on this topic as well. Check it out!

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: SLAVERY. It’s a deplorable institution.

Jeff: I’m kind of a student of the civil war, and the way slaves were treated in
America… horrible.

Dave: That’s why so many people wonder why God would allow slavery in the

Jeff: In Leviticus 25:45 God grants Israelites to take slaves.

Dave: But there is something different going on here

Jeff: Let’s use the “E” from our CRACKED acronym.

Dave: For “E”arly meaning and manuscripts. What was the earlier meaning of
slavery? Back in Israel’s days.

Jeff: Well there are a lot of differences – basically, we have to know that we can’t
assume that slavery in America was even close to slavery 3,000 years ago in Israel.

Dave: Back then you couldn’t even identify someone as a slave by race, social
status, or even legal status.

Jeff: Education of slaves was common and encouraged!

Dave: Slaves weren’t even on the bottom of the societies socioeconomic pyramid.

Jeff: They could own slaves, property, save money, and realistically buy their own

Dave: Right! It was a very very different thing when the Bible condoned slavery – it was
NOT the modern practice.

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