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How do Biblical manuscripts stack up to manuscripts from other ancient texts?


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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Christians like to demonstrate how reliable the Bible is based on manuscript

Jeff: A common point is that Homer’s Iliad was the most reliable ancient
document – with 643 copies! Compared to the Bible’s 5,366 that was nothing!

Dave: But there’s a problem here friends… we’ve got to update our figures.

Jeff: Clay Jones updated a bunch of manuscript numbers in a CRI Journal from

Dave: The Iliad has increased greatly, in terms of manuscripts: it no longer has just

Jeff: Now it has 1,757! That’s a lot of new manuscripts that were found.

Dave: The Bible has some more too: There are 5,795 Greek NT manuscripts.

Jeff: So, the point still remains: The Bible is the most reliable ancient document in
the history of the world.

Dave: But let’s stop using that 643 number.

Jeff; For up to date information on that, and number of other sources and
manuscripts, check out Clay Jones’ blog and the article in the CRI Journal.

Source: “The Bibliographical Test Updated” by Clay Jones.
and the CR Journal Publish Date: 2012 | Volume: 35

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