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What kind of impact did Jesus’ arrival have on Jewish culture?


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Audio Transcript:

Dave: When Jesus lived, 2,000 years ago, the Jewish people had a rich culture of
tradition coming from their Scriptures.

Jeff: That’s right – but when Jesus rose from the dead something happened…

Dave: They gave up many of those traditions that were deeply woven into their

Jeff: The Sabbath laws were completely transformed.

Dave: As were the sacrifices.

Jeff: Yes, they completely abandoned the sacrificial system which was a core
identity of their religion.

Dave: It’s important to note that Jesus’ resurrection is what caused this dramatic
and sudden shift in their religious and social traditions.

Jeff: Why?

Dave: Because things like sacrifices weren’t needed!

Jeff: It would be unreasonable to think that so many people would willingly give
up the very fabric that made their society what it was – if they didn’t absolutely
believe they had seen the risen Jesus.

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