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The arena of Rape and Abortion is a controversial one. What is the Biblical view?


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Dave: Most Christians agree that abortion is wrong.

Jeff: Taking an innocent life is definitely wrong.

Dave: There is a point of disagreement. Some people will say, “I am against
abortion, except for cases of rape because we shouldn’t force someone to have a
child if they were raped.”

Jeff: First, let’s get this out there. Rape is not a joke. It’s terribly serious and
devastating to the victims.

Dave: Since we want to have compassion on the victim, should we allow abortion
in those circumstances?

Jeff: Although rape is awful, we have to ask the question – is it okay to follow one
horrifying act with another? If babies in the womb are human…

Dave: Which we believe they are…

Jeff: Then we cannot kill them simply because they were conceived in rape. The
baby is a victim too!

Dave: And it doesn’t make sense punish a victim with the death penalty.

Jeff: We should consider adoption, invest in counseling and open our Churches
to anyone who has been raped to help them walk through the difficult decisions
ahead – without being alone.

Dave: If you have been assaulted, please visit our site for some links to important

Always report rape to your hospital and local police as soon as possible.

God Loves You!

We want you to understand fully, that God hates the SIN but does NOT hate the sinner.
Life can get frustrating when we separate ourselves from our Creator. Everyone, at one
point or another, has made a decision or two that bring heavy consequences which can
make us feel worthless.

Do not buy into that lie. God forgives a heart that is broken and penitent. If you
have had an abortion, there is always hope for forgiveness from God. There are also
places for you to go where people understand and can help you cope.

If you are thinking of having an abortion, please reconsider. Life is precious and a
shameful thing to waste.

Whatever your situation, the information below can help you find the help you need!

Important Links

• Turning Point •
Provides telephone crisis intervention, counseling and support to victims of sexual
assault, their families and friends
800-886-RAPE (24 hr)

• Life Choice Ministries •
(785) 776-9406
free pregnancy testing, emotional support, and practical help including adoption
and parenting education.

• Pregnancy Service Center •

Kansas Foster and Adoptive Parent Association

• Ashby House •
24-hr emergency Phone 785-826-4935
A shelter and housing.

A Horrible Truth

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