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Did our last Truth Shot confuse you? Don’t feel alone. It’s a typical first reaction to the Vertical Cosmological Argument. We take a quick 60 seconds to break it down.


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Dave: In the last Truth Shot we talked about the Vertical Cosmological argument.

Jeff: Yep, basically, everything in our Universe depends upon something else for its
existence (you need water, trees need sunlight)

Dave: So the whole universe must be dependent upon something outside itself.

Jeff: Right, and that would be God.

Dave: But can’t dependent things help each other? Like the sun gives trees what they
need… so when you combine things, they are different and not needy!

Jeff: Right – can’t our universe just pass around what we need to each other?

Dave: right.

Jeff: No. it’d only be true if being “dependent” wasn’t our fundamental value. If you put
a triangle with another triangle..

Dave: it becomes a square, it’s different!

Jeff: Right. But it’s still a geometric shape. That’s the most fundamental piece about it.
That will never change.

Dave: Okay, so what matters when you combine things is their fundamental attributes

Jeff: Yes. And being dependent is completely fundamental to everything in our universe.

Dave: So our universe must be dependent on something outside of itself –

Jeff: – God.

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