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Join us for 60 seconds as we tackle this age-old controversy. Is the Earth billions of years old? Or thousands? Does it matter?


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Dave: Christians have this argument – is the Earth Old or Young?!

Jeff: either belief is acceptable for Christians. So if you find someone calling the other
side heretical, they’re being divisive.

Dave: Fair enough. But where do you think the evidence leads?

Jeff: Science is clear that the Universe is old. And the author of Genesis wasn’t trying to
give us the exact year the Earth was made.

Dave: But there are some clues in Genesis…

Jeff: Well, as has pointed out not all the miracles in creation were “POOF!”
happen right away miracles.

Dave: Explain. Now.

Jeff: The Hebrew word haya (haw-yaw) means “come to pass” and it implies letting
nature run its course, rather than a sudden miracle happening.

Dave: And where exactly does Genesis use that word?

Jeff: All over. For instance Genesis 1:3 – Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there
was light.

Dave: And also in Genesis 1:6, Genesis 1:14-15

Jeff: Exactly. So natural processes… letting things “come to pass” was how God created
light, stars, the atmosphere, and space!!

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