Podcasts that teach how to study the Bible.

They include links to good Bibles, and more:

Diving Deeper – covers the “tools” you’ll need like a good Bible translation, a dictionary, etc.

Diving Deeper, part 2 – teaches how to do a personal Bible study in a simple, easy, way.

Misquoted – Covers the CRACKED method of studying the Bible and shows lots of different Bible verse that are often misinterpreted.

Unlocking Scripture – demonstrates how all of the Bible is “knit together” and linked together. You cannot take one verse or chapter by itself.

Through the Lens of Christ – Shows the importance of seeing Christ throughout the Bible – even the Old Testament.

The Early Meaning – Discussion on the importance of knowing the Early Meaning of phrases in the Bible.

The Bible Revealed – What part does the Holy Spirit play in us understanding Scripture.

CRACKED – An overview of the CRACKED acronym.