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March 13, 2016

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Topic Notes

  • Knit Together
  • The Bible always has a bigger picture in mind than we do: each book of the Bible, each story in every book, and each paragraph of every story is part of something larger than themselves.
  • In Genesis 3:14-15 God is talking to a Serpent and curses it. So the Bible is all about cursing snakes?
  • From Infidels.org “Snakes, while built low, do not eat dirt.” – So, what is going on here?
  • What is the context?
  • What is the protoevangelium?
  • The oldest thread in history!
  • Dave’s murderous basketball ambitions
  • Genesis 22:2
  • The command from God for Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac.
  • Why would God do this?
  • Foretelling: Looking at the shadows
  • Compare Abraham and His story with the sacrifice of Jesus. (Genesis 22:2 / John 3:16)
  • The place where Abraham was to sacrifice his son and the place where Jesus died are one in the same!!
  • Knit Together: The Trombone analogy
  • Laurie Goodstein: “Yes, it’s true that the Bible says some nasty things about homosexuality. It’s also true that the Bible has passages that prohibit men from cutting their hair, and that forbid anyone from wearing mixed fiber clothing, or planting two different kinds of seed in their fields, or eating shellfish. The Bible also commands slaves to obey their masters, parents to stone unruly children, and upholds as heroes of the faith men with multiple wives and concubines.” from “Unions That Divide: Churches Split Over Gary Marriage,” The New York Times, May 13, 2012,
  • John Wesley – “Now this and the following precepts, tho’ in themselves small and trivial, are given, according to that time and state of the church, for instructions in greater matters, and particularly to commend to them simplicity in all their carriage towards God and man, and to forbid all mixture of their inventions with God’s institutions in doctrine or worship.”
    BIBLE CONTRADICTION via Skeptics Annotated Bible

  • The City of Ai – Was it a desolate place or not?
  • Joshua 8:28 vs. Nehemiah 7:32



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