Science and Faith: Can They Coexist?

May 31, 2015

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Topic Notes

  • Welcome
  • Does God have a place in intelligent discussion?
  • What is Metaphysical Naturalism?
  • We believe it’s crazy to flatly dismiss an entire category of answers
  • Jury and options
  • If you are completely physical, then your free will does not exist. It takes thought (a non-physical phenomenon) to have free will
  • Thought is non-meterial
  • What is Methodological Naturalism?
  • We don’t believe in using “God of the Gaps” arguments
  • Denying God’s existence in study becomes “Naturalism of the Gaps”
  • We should seek ALL POSSIBLE ANSWERS
  • Of pink unicorns and car keys
  • You can’t scientifically prove God exists… but that’s okay!
  • We encourage intellectual curiosity
  • God and the mountain of evidence
  • Tacos and Burgers… choices, choices, choices
    • Do you answer a fool or not?
    • Proverbs 26:4 vs Proverbs 26:5
  • LISTENER QUESTION via Text Message
    • Does God help those who help themselves?

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