The Trinity – with Jacob Allee

May 19, 2013

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  • Question things – Challenge everything
  • Talking about the Trinity
  • Introducing Jacob Allee, Apologist
  • Jeff: “If you think you’ve found the perfect analogy for the Trinity, you’ve probably just become a heretic”
  • Why the “Egg Analogy” doesn’t work for the Trinity
  • Anthropomorphism is never mentioned in the Bible, but the concept is given throughout (same with the word “Trinity”)
  • Objections against the Trinity Concept
  • It is extremely important for us as Christians to be able to answer questions that people have.
  • All things that exist have “being”
  • The Trinity is the most unique thing in existence
  • Human beings are distinct from a rock because humans have “person” qualities
  • God is completely different from humans because God has THREE “persons”
  • Recent writings have stirred up controversy about the deity of Jesus.
  • Did Jesus really claim to be God.
  • What about Jesus calling himself “Son of Man”?
  • Bible Contradiction via The Freedom From Religion Foundation Shall we call people names?
    • Matthew 5:22


    • Matthew 23:17, Psalm 14:1
  • More objections

This show originally aired May 19, 2013

Is The Trinity a Philosophical Contradiction? – from
Nail Mark Ministries



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