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November 15, 2015

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  • Faith and Reason!
  • Discussion on today’s article:
      “My Top Ten Grievances Against the Bible” by LadyAtheist

    • 1. Authority — NOT — it was compiled, copied, edited, codified and translated by men. Men with agendas. Over the hundreds of years it was put together there were perhaps hundreds of “hands” tinkering with the unalterable “holy” words.
    • 2. Inconsistency. Two Adam & Eve stories. Two genealogies for Jesus. Discrepancies amongst the Gospels. Too many inconsistencies to mention, and anyway The Skeptics Annotated Bible did it already.
    • 3. God’s nature is fickle and inconsistent. He is forgiving or resentful depending on the situation. Sometimes he tinkers in the Affairs of Man and sometimes not. He wants you to follow his rules, but then there’s the parable of the prodigal son. He made the world and all the animals, including people, and yet made all sorts of really horrible and stupid things. For instance, why do humans have “tail” bones if we don’t have tails? Having broken mine I can tell you I’d rather not have it. If he wanted us to protect the useful parts of our spine in a fall, then why put nerve endings there?
    • 4. Miracles. They have no corroboration outside of the Bible. They could have been faked or made up as propaganda or exaggerated over time. If Jesus really did walk on water, how do we know he didn’t go there in advance and put a table just under the water line? How do we know there wasn’t a sandbar there? And yet he couldn’t make a fig tree yield fruit out of season, which would have been a more difficult feat than appearing to be walking on water. Couldn’t pop the nails out of his hands and feet and jump off the cross, either.
    • 5. Revelation. Dreams, voices, visions… they are all reminiscent of what today would be considered symptoms of psychosis. If they’re psychotic symptoms now, they very likely would have been then, if they even happened. Primitive people can’t be faulted for believing that dreams or migraine auras or psychotic breaks came from some supernatural entity, but we shouldn’t believe them now. The opposite is possession by an evil spirit. Also mental illness that was misunderstood by bronze age superstitious people.
    • 6. Scientific inaccuracy. God could have revealed the truth about the Sun revolving around the Earth, at the very least. All of God’s words seem to be consistent with what humans would have known at the time, and not at all revelatory or helpful. Every human culture has a creation story. The Judeo-Christian-Muslim one is just one of many with no claim to accuracy in the least.

    • Jeremiah 31:15
    • (The Book of) Matthew says that Herod, in an attempt to kill the newborn Messiah, had all the male children two years old and under put to death in Bethlehem and its environs, and that this was in fulfillment of prophecy.
    • This is a pure invention on Matthew’s part. Herod was guilty of many monstrous crimes, including the murder of several members of his own family. However, ancient historians such as Josephus, who delighted in listing Herod’s crimes, do not mention what would have been Herod’s greatest crime by far. It simply didn’t happen.

    • “My girlfriend and I have been together for years. So, I’m wondering – is it sinful to do anything sexual if we’re in a committed relationship?”


Read: “My Top Ten Grievances Against the Bible” by LadyAtheist at



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