December 4, 2016

Truth Revolution on

Topic Notes


LINK: How did Kangaroos make it back to Australia?

NEWSFLASH!: Jeff is a sinner! but so are you!

Is God mad at us for our wickedness?

Ted Haggard, Joseph Stalin, a rebellious child, YOU! We’re all sinners and sin makes people messed up!

Genesis 6:5-7 God decided to eliminate mankind, and that’s what we deserved.

Is this God’s right? (see Psalms 24:1)

DaVinci and his paintings / God and His creation

Genesis 6:6-8 Noah gets God’s attention

Genesis 6:9 God had favor on Noah.

Noah was different than the other people, but he wasn’t perfect… a sinner! So why did God save Noah?

Genesis 3:15 – The Protoevangelium / God has a plan!

God made a covenant to save the world.

Genesis 6:11-14



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