Stump the Pastor Part2

March 6, 2016

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Topic Notes

  • “Stump The Pastor! Part 2” More Maddening Questions on God
    Regarding the Bible:

  • Given that the story of Noah’s Ark was copied almost word-for-word from the much older Sumerian Epic of Atrahasis, does this mean that our true ruler is the supreme sky god, Anu?
    Regarding Religious Conversion:

  • If your desire is to convert atheists so that they become more like you, do you think that you’re currently better than them?
  • If religious people don’t respect their children’s right to pick their own religion, how can society expect religious people to respect anyone’s right to freedom of religion?
  • If missionaries from your religion should be sent to convert people in other countries, should missionaries from other religions be sent to your country for the same reason?
  • If children are likely to believe in Santa Claus and fairies, does this explain why religion has been taught to children for thousands of years?
  • When preachers and prophets claim to be special messengers of God, they often receive special benefits from their followers. Does this ever cause you to doubt their intentions?
    Regarding Miracles:

  • When you declare a miracle, does this mean you understand everything that is possible in nature?
  • If a woman was cured of cancer by means unknown to us, and everyone declared it a miracle, would the chance of scientifically replicating this cure be more or less likely?
  • If humans declared fire to be a miracle thousands of years ago, would we still be huddling together in caves while we wait for God to throw another lightning bolt into the forest?
  • If God gave a man cancer, and the Devil cured him to subvert God’s plan, how would you know it wasn’t a divine miracle? What if he was an unkind, atheist, homosexual?
    • Regarding Hell:

    • Should an instruction to convert to your religion upon the threat of eternal torture in hell be met with anything other than hostility?
    • Can a mass murderer go to heaven for accepting your religion, while a kind doctor goes to hell for not?
    • Did the mass murdering Crusaders and Inquisitors make it into the Christian heaven?
    • How can we know what is right when we don’t know for sure who makes it into heaven and hell?
    • If aliens exist on several worlds that have never heard of your god, will they all be going to hell when they die?
      The Promises of Religion:

    • If someone promised you eternal life, the protection of a loving super being, a feeling of moral righteousness, a purpose for living, answers to all the big questions, and a rule book for achieving the pinnacle of human potential, all in exchange for having faith in something that wasn’t proven, would you be suspicious?
    • If someone promised to give you a billion dollars after ten years but only if you worshiped them until that time, would you believe them? If someone promised you eternal life upon death, but only if you spent your life worshiping a god, would you believe them?
    • Why does religion appeal more to poor, weak, vulnerable, young, ill, depressed, and ostracized people? Could religious promises be more of a temptation to these people?

    • Regarding the Immaculate Conception
    • Luke 1:35 vs. Matthew 1:20
    • Is it a future thing, or did it already happen?

    • How do you handle situations where you feel Gods pulling for you to make a change in your life yet you question if it’s just you wanting it or God wanting … My situation is i feel like i should stay home with the kids and not work but i am not sure if he is putting that longing there or if its just me. Finacially we cant but i know if god says to he will provide the tools.



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