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August 13, 2017

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Introduction to the article: Questions Christians Can’t Answer

Why do we encourage people to ask questions?

Question 1) Do you believe hell is an appropriate and/or justifiable punishment for a simple lack of belief? If that punishment is never-ending (per Jesus in Matthew 25:46), do you still believe it justifiable?

  • Is there really such a thing as “simple lack of belief”? If so, what is it?
  • Bigger question: is Hell justifiable for those who flat out reject God?
  • Is Hell really a punishment if rejection of God is a choice?
  • Every knee will bow to Jesus, but those who do not want God in this life, will not suddenly change their minds in the end.

Question 2) Using only the Bible, can you make a moral case against rape? Or against slavery? And can you do so without disregarding substantial passages found in the Old Testament that discuss property rights of fathers over their daughters and the rights of slave owners over slaves?

  • The Bible isn’t an exhaustive list of moral codes or a giant rule book. It is a record of God’s interactions with His people.
  • LINK: Truth Revolution: Slavery in the Bible
  • Slavery in the Bible is very different than many people believe.
  • About rape and punishment.

Question 3) Would you sacrifice your beloved child if god asked you to?

  • God has never asked someone to kill their child.
  • The only human sacrifice that God has called for is the sacrifice of Jesus.

Question 4) If today, a devote group of Christian men were to enter a neighboring town and slaughter all who lived there because it was reported that the residents were largely populated by those who didn’t worship the Christian God, would that be justified? What if those Christians believed God had commanded them to do so? And what if God’s command included that women, children and infants be slaughtered by the sword? Since such events are recorded in the Old Testament, is it accurate to describe the God of the Old Testament as loving, merciful and good? Is it possible that such written accounts were man-made justifications to overtake another tribe?

  • This is not an “apples-to-apples” question.
  • Christianity is a religion. Israel was a nation with rights.
  • God raises up kings and throws down kings. He raises up nations to execute judgement on other nations.
  • No other nation was killed by Israel just because they didn’t believe in God.
  • These nations were judged for their deplorable behavior
  • LINK: Truth Revolution: The Problem of Evil w/ Dr. Clay Jones

Question 5) Would you kill babies or children for God if you believed Yahweh asked you to do so? Since such instances are written in the Bible, is it possible that others have murdered their children because “God told them to do so”, and in fact, God actually did tell them to? If you don’t believe God would do that today, why not?

  • The problem with the question is that there are NO INSTANCES IN THE BIBLE where someone legitimately sacrificed their child to God.
  • What about when God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac?
  • The most important thing about the story of Abraham and Isaac is that GOD STOPPED HIM.
  • The thing to remember about that story is that it was a shadow of what was to come with the sacrifice of God’s son, Jesus.

Bible Contradiction

Has anyone seen God?
John 1:18 and Exodus 33:20 vs Genesis 32:30 and Exodus 33:11



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