Can Science Identify the Intelligent Designer?

August 16, 2015

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Topic Notes

  • Welcome!
  • Introducing Dr. Fuzale Rana
  • What is Intelligent Design?
  • There is a difference between Intelligent Design and the Intelligent Design Movement
  • There is evidence for Intelligent Design in the Created Order
  • Is Intelligent Design opposed to Materialism?
  • Going the next step
  • Science is already regularly used to determine if “intelligence” is behind something.
  • Discovery
  • Identifying God and His creaton
  • Monotheism vs Pantheism
  • The Watchmaker
  • Our creativity is a spark that can be traced back to the Creator
  • Beauty and Science
  • What about the plausibility of extraterrestrial life?
  • Symmetry
    • If God sees all things simultaneously and comprehends all potentialities, could it be said there may be other realities, multiverses?
    • In Luke 4:5-9 Satan takes him up to a high place to show him all the Kingdoms of the world, but because the world is round, this is impossible no matter how high the place is.


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