Good Rock / Bad Rock: Real Morality

January 13, 2013

Topic Notes

Topics: – This show contains extra online content

  • Good Rock vs. Bad Rock
  • Base Reality: Morality comes from more than just convenience
  • Discussion about Dawkins
  • Dawkins: Religions have bad morals
  • Atheism cannot produce morality / where do morals come from?
  • Romans 13:9-10 – Love is the fulfillment of the Law
  • Refuting Recent Morality Developments
  • Discussion on Biblical Morality
  • Bible Contradiction: The Red Sea Crossing
    • Exodus 14:21-29
    • Impossible to conduct in a 24 hour period… what gives
  • Discussion about the idea of evovling morals
  • Two Naturalisms: Metaphysical and Methodological
  • When studying and researching, do not lay the brain aside
    • Dawkins: Cherry picking morality from the Bible?
    • Luke 6:27-31


This show originally aired January 13, 2013