Rewind: Spiritual Habits of Dr. Hugh Ross

March 6, 2022

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Topic Notes

This show originally aired on August 20, 2020

Introducing Hugh Ross

Life for Hugh outside of science

Hugh’s Testimony

Hugh and the Gideons – The power of planting small seeds

The power of prayer

Is the Bible testable? Can it pass those tests?

Why rapid Bible reading?

Preaching: Topical vs Expositional

The importance of Biblical Geneologies

Prayer: The Power of Listening

Knowing God’s voice in prayer

Perspectives of personal prayer

What works for one may not work for others

The Power of fasting

Meditation in a biblical context

Preaching styles

Being a student of the Bible

Urbanization and the rise in Atheism

Reacting with other believers

COVID-19 and its effects on meeting

Spiritual Warfare

God’s plan > Our plan



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