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Should we listen to, and obey God in every situation?
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Audio Transcript

Dave: One challenger to the Christian faith asked, “If God told you to kill an atheist, would you?”

Jeff: I would pose a question back.

Dave: What is that?

Jeff: If you were in the army and your commanding soldier told you to fire upon the enemy, would you?

Dave: I’m guessing most people would say yes.

Jeff: If someone was legally and ethically sentenced to death, by your government, would you say that the person who carried out that sentence was a murderer?

Dave: Most people would say no, even if they don’t like the death penalty.

Jeff: The question about whether or not a Christian would kill someone, if God commanded them to, is trying make a Christian look unethical…

Dave: But there are all kinds of situations where most people would say, “The authorities had the right to take a life.”

Jeff: The authority could be a judge, a jury…

Dave: or a military officer, for instance.

Jeff: If that is the case for mere human authority, wouldn’t it be even more true for God’s authority? The question isn’t, “would you do this killing?” the question is, “did the authority tell you?”

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