Reasoning With New Atheism

April 13, 2014

Topic Notes

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  • This is where Faith and Reason meet!
  • Introducing Tom Gilson, Editor of True Reason:Confronting the Irrationality of the New Atheism
  • Tom’s story about the book
  • What is New Atheism?
  • The term was coined by Gary Wolfe in Wired Magazine
  • New Atheism is militantly opposed to religion
  • Are Christianity and Science really opposed to each other? We think not.
  • 12th Century Scientists didn’t have centuries of history telling them that it’s productive to spend you time in the lab
  • They studied to gain knowledge of God’s creation.
  • If Christianity is so pro science, then why do Christians persecute so many scientists?
  • Galileo’s story is an anomaly and had more to do with politics than with science
  • What about the evidence?
  • The Church encourage Copernicus to publish his book on the heliocentric view.
  • What about the “Group-think” idea concerning science in the 12th century?
  • If that were the case, then creativity would have been stifled… but it wasn’t!
    • Does God tempt?
    • Genesis 22:1 – God tempted Abraham vs James 1:13 – God does not tempt anyone
  • What is the fallacy of equivocation?
  • Logic plays a huge role in the argument for/against God
  • New Atheism typically passes over logic
  • New Atheism can often equate with Naturalism
  • Naturalism can be blown away by asking “What is a thought?”
    • Jeff’s onstage antics and their effect on the front row
    • Christianity is consistent with true reason

This show originally aired April 13th, 2014


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