The Machines Within Us

January 7, 2018

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Topic Notes

With advances in nano-technology, science is beginning to miniaturize machines to the size of a few hundred atoms.

There are great implications in the manufacturing and medical sectors

There are machines that researchers have made that helps scientist to build things with precision not previously attained.

Molecular machines already exist in our bodies naturally.

What is the F1F0-ATPace?

Compared to the machines already in our bodies, the man-made nano machines are very rudimentary.

Photosynthesis and Nitrogen Fixation in plants are controlled by machines similar to the F1F0-ATPace that keeps accurate time.

Comparing Humans vs Neanderthals

Can unguided evolution create something as complex and specific as the nano-machines within our cells?

In Darwin’s day, the cell was an envelope with a jelly like substance inside. Today, we know what that jelly is made up of and it is amazing.

The comparison between city engineering and the cell’s design.


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Bible Contradiction
Does Revelations 1:7 reflect the Flat Earth Cosmology of biblical times.

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