Proving God Doesn’t Exist Pt2

September 29, 2013

Topic Notes


  • Revolution Church Loves You!
  • Faith and Reason do not simply co-exist… they ARE THE SAME!
  • Christians SHOULD be able to answer questions
  • Continuing discussion from last week: “Why God Doesn’t Exist”
  • 5. The fact that religion runs in families
    • We agree with the assertion that religion runs in families, but it doesn’t disprove the existence of God!
    • It is important to ask questions… do not just believe because your ancestors did
    • We want to look at the evidence
  • 6. The physical causes of everything we think of as the soul
    • Jeff proves Dave has a soul
    • “YOU” are different than your physical parts
    • God created us as a soul/body unity
  • 7. The complete failure of any sort of supernatural phenomena to stand up to rigorous testing
  • You can’t test God in a way of YOUR CHOOSING because God is sentient with a mind of His own.
  • You also cant perform a study on a being that KNOWS they are being studied
  • God has the prerogative to do whatever he chooses… whether we think He should or not
  • BIBLE CONTRADICTION: via Freedom From Religion Foundation
    • Shall we obey the law?
    • I Peter 2:13 and Matthew 22:21 vs. Acts 5:29
  • LISTENER QUESTION:Why are so many of the Epistles forgeries?

This show originally aired September 29th, 2013



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