October 30, 2016

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Topic Notes

UFOs and what they may be

1% of sightings are believed to be authentic, although non-physical

UFO crashes and physics

Angels and demons are not constrained by the physics of our universe (see Hebrews 13:2)

The occult is deals with the phenomena of the non physical

The connection between UFO’s and occult activity

What occult activity are we susceptible to?

Closing doors to the other side

Are some spirits territorial?

Breaking a demonic link through authority connections (God)

What should we avoid?

Dr. Ross’ visit to the Soviet Union and his demonic experiences

Bible Contradiction

Did they fall to the ground or not?
Acts 26:14 vs Acts 9:7


BUY: Lights in the Sky and Little Green Men by Dr. Hugh Ross
READ: Territorial Spirits and Spiritual Warfare: A Biblical Perspective by Eric Villanueva



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