The Bible Said What?

November 6, 2016

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Looking at the article “When Bible Stories Are Illustrated, They Reveal Some Huge Problems” by Scott Bixby

This article covers the book “The Bible Said What!?” by Evan Mascagni

Mascagni tells Mic Magazine, “Christianity was not only the right way, but the only way,Schoolteachers and priests constantly cherry-picked verses from the Bible to justify whatever lessons were in store for the day, and I developed a very narrow understanding of Christianity. This book explores some of the stories that were overlooked throughout my education and have ultimately led me to take the Bible for what it is.”

Mascagni says that the Bible is “The longest book most Christians have never read.”

We won’t argue with that. Unfortunately, many Christians do not read much scripture.

Stats from 2016 research
96% of Practicing Christians Millennials believe the Bible is the inspired or actual word of God!!!
85% of Practicing Christians Millennials believe the Bible is the word of God with no errors (though some would say we have to interpret not all literal)

But, among non-Christians… The TOP 3 way they perceive the Bible
30% “The Bible is a useful book of moral teachings”
27% The Bible is a dangerous book of religious dogma used for centuries to oppress people
19% The Bible is an outdated book with no relevance for today

A Case of Excessive Punishment:
2 Kings 2:23-24

  • Looking at that culture, these were likely young teens who carried many adult responsibilities.
  • If God is real and Elisha really was God’s prophet, then the reality is changed.
  • These are evil teens, who knew for a fact that Elisha was a doubly powerful prophet, on a mission from God himself – and though they knew he was God’s specially anointed mouthpiece – they chose to taunt him. So, God released the bears. Cruel? Well, not as cruel or evil as purposefully ridiculing God’s chosen prophet.

Equal rights for women are a little underdeveloped
1 Corinthians 14:34-35

  • This is mistakenly looked at as oppressive to women. While we’ve come a long way since, at the time, this was revolutionary.
  • In the first century Middle East, females weren’t allowed to serve as legal witnesses, they were second class citizens and were not generally allowed around teachers.
  • The fact that this passage makes it okay that women were even in church speaks a lot for the forward thinking of Christianity

Rape is a matter of money, not a matter for the courts
Deuteronomy 22:28-29

  • It’s wrong to say it wasn’t a matter for the courts.
  • The 50 shekels of silver was a fine that would be enforced by a court – this was the law. It wasn’t just “some money”, it was the “bride price”. It’s what a man had to pay his future father-in-law to marry his daughter. This gave the right of spousal support for the woman in the form of Child Support for the rest of their life.

God hates figs
Matthew 21:18-22

  • God doesn’t hat figs. This was used to make a point. Read the entirety of the passage.

Rich people aren’t going to get to the Pearly Gates so easily
Luke 14:12-14

  • There are other verses that make this point even better.
  • The point is that the LOVE OF MONEY is opposed to the LOVE OF GOD – You cannot serve two masters! See Matthew 6:24

Jesus didn’t say anything about same-sex relations

  • This is an argument from silence.
  • When Jesus did speak about marriage, He affirmed it to be an institution between a man and a woman
  • All of scripture is the Word of Jesus. He did not stop speaking at the conclusion of the Gospel accounts.

Bible Contradiction

via Skeptics Annotated Bible
Does God know / see everything… or not?
Psalm 139:7-8 vs. Genesis 3:8



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