Can Christianity Be Trusted?

December 17, 2017

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Topic Notes

Introducing Dr. Sean McDowell!

Our guest today graduated summa cum laude from Talbot Theological Seminary with a double Master’s degree in Theology and Philosophy.
He earned a Ph.D. in Apologetics and Worldview Studies from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
He travels throughout the United States and abroad, speaking at camps, churches, schools, universities, and conferences.
He has authored or edited over eighteen books including The Fate of the Apostles (Routledge, 2015), and A New Kind of Apologist (Harvest House, 2016).
Don’t miss his blog at

Christianity: True vs Good?

There needs to be a separation of people from Christianity.

As a Christian, we need to let people know that God loves ALL people.

People have the wrong perception that Christianity is just a system that hurts people.

Christians have done bad things, we don’t deny this. Human beings are deeply flawed.

Christians have made mistakes, but the point should be that the teachings of Jesus are the only ones that bring real freedom and the Church has done a LOT of really good things.

As Christians, we need to ask the question: are we living according to the teachings of Jesus?

Bible Contradiction

Will everyone who calls on the name of the Lord be saved?
Matthew 7:21 vs. Acts 2:21


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