Rewind: A Good God in a Bad World

February 2, 2020

Truth Revolution on

Topic Notes

This show originally aired May 6, 2018.

Good Joke / Bad Joke

What does it mean to be GOOD?

Psalm 34:8

Story of Brad and Jeff

What does it mean to BE good?

Everything that God does is good

The Euthyphro Dilemma: Is an act good because God says so, or does God command it because it’s good?

The fact is that the Lord IS good. Not just “does good”; not “whatever He commands becomes good”, but that He IS good.

Definition of “good”: we define what is good by saying “whatever God does” is good because goodness is the very nature of God.

God cannot be indifferent about anything

Like a mirror always reflects, no matter what… it is it’s nature to reflect… so is God GOOD… it is His very nature to be good!

Mind blown: God does not, has not and will not think bad thoughts about anyone.

Goodness is the reason for our existence.

The creation of the Universe and my life is a result of God’s goodness!

Everything that God created, He said “it is good”, except for mankind… He said it was “very good”



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