God, Evolution and Morality

August 3, 2014

Topic Notes

  • Introducing Greg Koukl from Stand to Reason (STR.org)
  • It is important to make conversations concerning faith more like diplomacy and less like D-Day
  • Where does morality really come from? A brief history.
  • Is morality relative?
  • New Atheism wants to claim all moral ground
  • What is Objective Transcendent Moral Values?
  • Brussel sprouts. are they bad? Is it objective or subjective?
  • Inconsistencies in atheist arguments against God and morality
  • Bible Contradiction via evilbible.com
    • Is God to found by those who seek Him?
    • Matthew 7:8 and Proverbs 8:17 vs Proverbs 1:28
  • Discussing the Darwinian Origin of Altruism
  • Problem #1 The problem of verification
  • Problem #2 Relativistic Morality
  • What makes our actions moral or immoral?
    • Is it possible to transition nonphysical things through biological means like reproduction?
    • What about Dave’s dating life?
    • The problems with Materialsm and Morality
    • If evolution is responsible for our morality, then it is failing miserably
    • The Evolutionists’ Problem of Evil
    • Good and Evil Chickens?
    • Morality is PREscriptive not DEscriptive

This show originally aired August 3rd, 2014

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