Discerning Truth!

July 13, 2014

Topic Notes

  • The problem with false teaching
  • Jeff’s testimony of healing
  • God speaks through us!
  • No problem with charismatic Christians.
  • Galatians 5:19-24
  • Compare teachers who preach the Word of God to scripture. If it doesn’t line up, it’s FAKE!
  • Todd Bentley’s antics
  • Compare to 1 Timothy 3:2-3
  • and also Titus 1:7-9
  • Luke 4:33-35
  • More Todd Bentley
  • God does not call us to be violent
  • Leg drop the Pastor?
  • Many are deceived by these teachings
  • 2 Timothy 4:3-5
  • Benny Hinn and False Prophesy about Fidel Castro’s death
  • Deuteronomy 18:20-22
  • Bible Contradiction via theThinkingAtheist.com
    • Did Michal Have Children? Or not?
    • II Samuel 6:23 vs II Samuel 21:8
  • Other Benny Hinn predictions
  • Jeremiah 29:8-9
    • Joel Osteen and the Ministry of Self
    • Colossians 3:1-8
    • Colossians 3:12-14
    • All good things come from above not of this earth
    • Nothing wrong with thinking positively, as long as we keep it in perspective
    • Listener Question
      • I think your CRACKED acronym is a great tool for interpreting the Bible. Thank you. But, isn’t it true that those same tools could be used to justify things in the Bible like homosexuality or even a more modern version of slavery?

This show originally aired July 13th, 2014



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