The Atheistic Worldview Makes No Sense

November 27, 2016

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Topic Notes

Sin separates us from God, Shame keeps us away

Jude 2 – We believe in Mercy, peace and love in abundance

Naturalism doesn’t leave room for we as individuals

Naturalism: Everything is physical; nothing is spiritual.

The causal problem: if you think that the cause of your conclusion is the logic leading to it, there is a problem.

Consciousness is not simply an illusion.

Same is true with thought.

Naturalism claims both.

Meaning and purpose: Is there something beyond this life?

What about the sense that we are meant to be better than we are? We all have it. Where did it come from?

We know, intuitively, that there is more to life than just laying around on the couch.

Where do we get our Moral Sense?

Naturalism says that we make our own morals.

If this is correct, then why do we all have the same morality?

What is Moral Progress?

Bible Contradiction


Solomon’s Sacrifice

2 Chronicles 7:5 and 2 Chronicles 7:8-9 – is this ridiculous?


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