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Why have miracles vanished into thin air?

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Dave: Why aren’t there miracles today? The Bible seems laden with massive miracles from cover to cover.

Jeff: Yeah, if this book is true, why don’t we see anything like manna raining from Heaven today?

Dave: The answer is… most of the years covered in the Bible were just like today. No gigantic miracles.

Jeff: Right! We might add that miracles do happen today, we’ve seen some. But, gigantic miracles like Jesus rising from the dead, the sea splitting apart for Moses, and things like that don’t seem to be common.

Dave: But, they weren’t common in Biblical times either… which is probably why they got recorded.

Jeff The Bible covers over 100,000 years of human history and took 1,500 years to be completed. In all that time we only see gigantic miracles during the lives of (1) Moses, (2) Elijah and Elisha, (3) Jesus, and (4) The Apostles. That covers less than one half of 1% of human history!

Dave: In other words, gigantic miracles aren’t even common from a Christian perspective.

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