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There are many different ways to study God’s Word. Which is the right one?

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Audio Transcript

Dave: It’s important for Christians to read their Bibles daily.

Jeff: That is what we say – we want the word of God to permeate us!

Dave: What is the “right way” to go about this? Some people say you must read the Bible in a year.

Jeff: Some say the best way is to meditate upon and think through small verses for long periods of time.

Dave: Others claim that a good devotional book, coupled with some paragraphs from the Old and the New Testament is the way.

Jeff: So which is it? Well, most people aren’t saying their way is the only way.

Dave: Right. The most important thing is to get the word of God rolling around in your mind every day!

Jeff: Right, I suggest that people use a variety of different methods. For instance, for awhile I read a chapter a day. I’ve also read a paragraph then written down practical application.

Dave: Including some variety in how you read the Bible is good. It keeps it fresh.

Jeff: I especially like to change Bible versions every few years. It gives you new understanding of the way the Greek and Hebrew was written.

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