Abortion, Euthanasia and Truth

April 27, 2014

Topic Notes

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  • Logic, Science and God DO GO TOGETHER
  • Introducing Alan Shlemon
  • Representing Christ
  • Dave creates a new word
  • Refuting common misconceptions
  • The Christian view is that humans are intrinsically valuable
  • This intrinsic value exists regardless of our sin
  • Adoption vs Abortion
  • The science behind abortion
  • The science of Embryology
  • Where do we draw the line between mother and an unborn child?
  • The Genetic Fingerprints distinguish mother and baby
  • An unborn child has many different characteristics proving its uniqueness in the world.
  • What kind of being is an unborn child?
  • DNA signature details everyone’s humanity (including every zygote)
  • A BIBLE CONTRADICTION via answering-christianity.com
    • How did Simon Peter find out Jesus was the Christ?
    • Matt 16:17 via God vs John 1:41 via his brother Andrew
    • What is the difference between sperm or egg cells and a zygote?
    • What about consciousness / self-awareness?
    • Does lack of self-awareness justify abortion?
    • Is abortion unjust discrimination?
    • A BIBLE CONTRADICTION via EvilBible.com
      • Clean or Unclean?
      • Romans 14:14 There is nothing unclean vs Deuteronomy 14:7-8 a long list of unclean
    • Discussion of euthanasia

This show originally aired April 27th, 2014


Visit the Stand To Reason Website
Purchase The Ambassador’s Guide to Islam by Alan Schlemon
or The Ambassador’s Guide to Understanding Homosexuality by Alan Schlemon
Check this link: Answer Every Defense for Abortion: Chart & Video



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