Atheistic Arguments

January 26, 2014

Topic Notes

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  • Promoting Atheism??
  • Talking about Atheistic Arguments
  • We aim to dialog with people in a rational and loving way
  • We do not believe in angry objections
  • Can we actually be friends with Atheists? YES!
  • Intro to logic. . .
  • What is the Cosmological Disproof of God?
    • 1. God is a self-caused being
    • 2. But it is impossible to cause one’s own being for a cause is prior to it’s effect
    • 3. Therefore God cannot exist
  • This argument is valid but not sound.
  • We hold that God is NOT a self-caused being; He has ALWAYS existed
  • What is the Ontological Disproof of God?
    • 1. God is by definition, a necessary existence
    • 2. Necessity cannot apply to existence
    • 3. Therefore God does not exist
  • If God is real, then we NEED Him for our existence
  • Our rant about the separation of Faith and Reason
  • What is the Teleological Disproof of God?
    • 1. The Universe was either designed or else it happened by chance
    • 2. But chance is an adequate cause for the Universe
    • 3. Therefore the Universe was not created
  • The main problem is with premise #2
  • The question is not what is adequate… it’s what is real
  • The statistical probability that simple life can turn into US is nil
    • Can a man be righteous?
    • Genesis 7:1, Job 2:3, Luke 1:6, James 5:16 and John 3:7 vs Romans 3:10
  • What is the Existential Disproof of God?
    • 1. If God exists, then all is determined
    • 2. If all is determined then I am not free
    • 3. But I am free
    • 4. Therefore God does not exist
  • Freedom is undeniable (The Bible teaches it)
  • The first premise is faulty. Here’s why?
  • The Kids and Cookies Analogy

This show originally aired January 26th, 2014



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