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Can logic tell us stuff about God?

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Dave: Can we use logic to actually know anything about God himself?

Jeff: Sure!

Dave: But, Jeff – some may argue that “Logic cannot tell us anything about God.”

Jeff: Does anyone see a problem with that statement?

Dave: You should have problem with it! Listen to it again.

Jeff: Logic cannot tell us anything about God

Dave: It’s a logical statement about God!

Jeff: Right. The first assumption of saying, “Logic cannot” is that it’s true, and the opposite is false.

Dave: For example… “Logic cannot tell us anything about God” disagrees with “Logic can tell us things about God.”

Jeff: This is logical work, my friends. If A = B, then A can’t NOT = B. And so on…

Dave: That is known as the law of non-contradiction and is the crutch upon which all logic rests!

Jeff: Therefore, this statement is a statement of logic itself, demonstrating that logic leads us to truth.

Dave: In other words – even when you try to deny logic…

Jeff: …you have to use logic to do it.

Dave: That’s… logical.

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