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Why is the world so messed up? Here’s your answer!

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Dave: The fall of mankind!!!

Jeff: Gesh, Dave, is it that big of a deal?

Dave: Throughout the history of the world, only a handful of events could be considered both “small” and “giant” with colossal lasting repercussions.

Jeff: One of these may include the “shot heard ‘round the world” in April of 1775. A small band of minutemen lead to the growth of the United States of America.

Dave: Or April 20, 1889, the day a young baby named Adolf Hitler was born. There is nothing quite as innocent as a newborn child, yet the terror he would unleash would be as prolific as it was dreadful.

Jeff: Think about “the fall of humankind” like those, except much much grander.

Dave: The simple act of “eating a fruit” doomed humankind to death.

Jeff: The fall influenced God’s relationship to mankind and to creation itself (thistles, storms, and more!)

Dave: It affected mankind’s relationship to creation, God, and each other.

Jeff: If you’re looking for answers to “why are there problems?” it can almost always be traced back to this one event.

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