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Is there actually a way to prove God exists?

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Dave: Can we actually PROVE God exists or that Jesus rose from the dead?

Jeff: Yes.

Dave: Is that all you have to say… or…

Jeff: Well, really it depends on how you use the word “prove.”

Dave: BINGO! In one way, a scientist must prove his theory. Until there is great evidence, or other options have been explored, he hasn’t proven anything.

Jeff: Then there are mathematical proof. You know, a super-basic example is 1+1 = 2.

Dave: We can prove that is true with absolutely zero doubt.

Jeff: But then another way to see it is with logic: a lawyer must prove his case.

Dave: Does the jury ever have doubts? Is there any contrary evidence? Anything that makes a juror scratch his head?

Jeff: Yeah, of course! But, they still have to ask which lawyer proved their case!

Dave: And we think this is what believing in God is like. You can’t write out a mathematical equation for God. But, you can look at the evidence and say, “The evidence is huge!”

Jeff: And that’s why we say, “we can prove God exists!”

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