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Does the “Big Rock” argument prove that God doesn’t exist?

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Dave: Can God make a rock so big that he can’t lift it?

Jeff: Many people think that this question show how ridiculous it is to believe in God.

Dave: However, the reality is this question shows how we often mix up our terminology.

Jeff: When we say “God can do anything” we don’t literally mean God can do anything…

Dave: God can’t sin. God cannot make a square circle. God cannot not be God.

Jeff: Can God make a rock that’s too big for him to lift? Of course not.

Dave: When we say “God can do anything” we simply mean this:

Jeff: God can do all things that are logically possible. Of course, many things God can do go beyond our comprehension.

Dave: So, in some sense it’s ridiculous for us to say what God can or can’t do.

Jeff: Just remember that saying, “God can do anything” is merely a colloquial phrase (or everyday language) and not a theological phrase. Can God make a rock so big that he cannot lift it? No. Of course not.

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