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How does suffering prove the existence of God?

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Audio Transcript

Dave: I stubbed my toe today.

Jeff: That’s how you know God exists.

Dave: Um, that’s gotta be the worst line of argument I ever heard in my…

Jeff: Wait a minute! Hear me out. You stubbed your toe and suffered.

Dave: Right. People suffer all the time. Often, in unimaginable ways.

Jeff: Is it good for them to suffer? Is that how it’s supposed to be?

Dave: NO! It is not good to suffer, that’s not how it is supposed to be.

Jeff: How do we know that? … There must be some external frame of reference, something outside of ourselves, that determines what should or shouldn’t be.

Dave: If we were merely physical objects and there was no God, we couldn’t actually say, “Suffering shouldn’t be.” We’d only be able to say, “Suffering is.”

Jeff: And maybe we couldn’t even say that! The word suffering itself implies some kind of moral or principle. If we were only biological machines we would only have stimulus and response.

Dave: But we are more than stimulus and response. We know what should and shouldn’t be. There must be a God, a “principle” giver, who determines that.

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