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Where does morality come from?

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Audio Transcript

Dave: Can evolution produce morality? Yes.

Jeff: It can produce subjective morality, but not objective morality.

Dave: Evolution could account for why individuals prefer one type of behavior over another.

Jeff: Perhaps there is an evolutionary advantage to “not stealing”, some would say that’s why we don’t steal. Over a thousand generations we’ve been conditioned to avoid stealing and punish those who do pilfer.

Dave: But is it REALLY wrong to steal? If we suddenly found out that stealing was good for society would it still be wrong?

Jeff: We think, yes, because stealing is morally wrong no matter what benefit it has on society. Just like rape – rape is always wrong.

Dave: If evolution could demonstrate that rape somehow helped the strong survive, it still wouldn’t be okay.

Jeff: There is an innate wrongness about rape, thievery, and the like. This standard is objective and doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad for society.

Dave: The MOST evolution could offer is a morality that is “whatever works best for individuals or a society.”

Jeff: Only God could establish authentic objective morality.

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